Agincourt Family  Funerals have a long tradition of supporting all those who have served in the Armed Forces over the years and we support local Ex-Service organisations personally throughout the year.

Our family members have served in the Armed Forces and its only right that we continue the tradition of supporting them in life and also by ensuring that they have a fitting final journey that respects there wishes, incorporates their service history and ensures that the wishes of the family are also adhered to.

We have organised a significant number of ex-service funerals over the past few years and have travelled across London and Southern England when families contact us direct or through ex-service organisations.


We apply a 10% discount to Veterans and those with the Forces Discount Card on our professional fees

In addition to the funeral packages that we offer, we also arrange:


  • The attendance of Bugler 

  • The attendance of standard bearers

  • Regimental Coffin Drapes or Generic Service Coffin Drapes ( as approved by the Ministry of Defence)

  • Ex-service bearer wherever possible

  • Cushion to place medals on

  • Padre for the service

  • Special order of service designs

  • A Memorial Page 

We can help with sourcing funding towards the cost of funerals
Put you in touch with organisations that support bereaved veterans families

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