Arranging a funeral with Agincourt

The planning of a funeral service can be a daunting task and we are here to help and assist you throughout all the arrangements and ensuring that your wishes are met as much as possible to ensure that your loved one’s final journey goes smoothly.

From the initial phone call to the end of the funeral service and beyond, you will have a personal named funeral arranger and he/she will work through all the arrangements with you and incorporate you own suggestions and ideas to create a bespoke service of celebration and thanksgiving for the life of your relative.

We are happy to make the arrangements in one of our warm and friendly branch offices or in the comfort of your own home and will make all the necessary arrangements that are required to plan the service and make it a lasting memory.


When making arrangements for a funeral, there are some things that will need your consideration:      

  • The registration of the death.

  • The wishes of the deceased, which may be contained in a will.

  • The decision as to whether the funeral will be a cremation or burial.

  • The day and time of the funeral service.

  • Whether limousines will be required.

  • The choice of a coffin.

  • The wording of the newspaper notice.

  • The choice of floral tributes.

  • Whether there is a request for donations.

  • Printing and planning of the orders of service.

  • Whether the family wish to spend time in our private chapel.

  • The charges involved with the funeral service

We can conduct funerals across Southern England and London, and in other areas, it is also possible for us to arrange the repatriation of the deceased to and from abroad if needed.

One of the main decisions that the next of kin and family need to make is whether the service is to be a cremation or a burial. Religious beliefs will also be needed to take into consideration. We can arrange cremation services and advise on the choice of the crematorium

When cremation is chosen, it is important to consider the decision over the final resting place of the ashes.

We are also able to arrange burial services. We will discuss the choices available with you and can offer a burial in a local cemetery, churchyard or woodland area. It is important to remember however, that depending on where you live, that not all burials may be permitted in churchyards due to limited space.


Transport to and from the place of service will need to be considered. We provide limousines to take care of you from home, onto the place of service and then return after the funeral. We are also able to offer the alternative methods of transportation including the splendour of a traditional horse drawn hearse, a vintage hearse, Military Jeep, alternative styles and colours of hearses.


The choice of a coffin is indeed very personal and varies from one family to another. We offer a range of coffins from veneered to solid wood coffins; we can also offer bamboo, wicker and cardboard coffins.  We are happy to advise on the options that suit your own wishes and there are other coffin options including personalising coffins with messages and drawings from the family. Our coffins are always fully lined with either Silver or Gold Handles.


We have our own private chapel in our Selsey branch, and both religious and non-religious ceremonies can be conducted here. It seats around 25 people. Within the Chapel there is also the opportunity where you can spend time with your loved one before the funeral takes place. We do like to dress the deceased in their own clothing where possible. We also have access to a larger chapel in a stunning gardens for services for over 25 mourners,



We are happy to work with you and the stonemason about any memorial stones that may be needed and the regulations of churchyards etc.


We are happy to advise and arrange any function you may require after the service and take care of the catering depending on the requirements and venue.


We can arrange floral tributes on your behalf through our local florist or you can arrange floral tributes and have them delivered to our offices before the funeral. 


We have two outstanding funeral celebrants who work closely with us and have many years of experience and will design order of services that match your requirements and also find words that reflect the life of your loved one. They can also advise on the music for the service if required.  Our celebrants conduct religious or non-religious services.